Dear guest, I would like to welcome you…

…. like this: « ONCE UPON A TIME, 20 years ago, there was a French painter called Véronique who was enjoying lazing in white and enamelled porcelain’shops, as lost in the cave of Alibaba. Even any useless porcelain’s object was attractiving  her, like mysterious white painting pictures. 

Nowadays, there is a real chance that while painting one of her umpteenth findings, she turns it away from its primary function: a sub-coffee cup could also serve as a door plate!  

Today, what definitely fascinates her is colouring the grey shadows reflected on enamelled porcelains and therefore make you see the world in colours! »

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This commercial site is proposed to you by the company UMEC.You can place custom orders on behalf of a company or particular person. The regulations are not made in line. You can also purchase items in stock in my workshop.

If you want that I give a new life to a porcelain you already have, I will try to adopt it as if I had chosen it myself in my cave.