How do I choose an object, with my eyes.

My gaze is furtively attracted by the contours and the external forms of the object. I take it out of the ray of the store if its volume does not exceed the capacity of my oven Césame in which I’ll bake it at high temperature. It’s the contrast between its external and  internal forms which retains or not my attention.

More the enamel of the porcelain dazzles me when I fixe it until the end of my arms outstretched and motionless, less I have the idea to put it at its initial place.


How do I appropriate the object, with my hands.

I like to tilt the object according to different angles. More the interior is curved or rounded, more the outside has facets or roughness, more the object produces shadows of gray more or less dark, of different sizes and shapes. I appropriate the object stroking it and moving in the space.

Less the enamel of the porcelain dazzles me, more it inspires me: I’ll perhaps never put it on the ray anymore.


How do I adopt the object, unconsciously.

My mind focuses on the colorization of the grey shadows’s nuances. The white which contrasts with the different shadows that I just have mentally coloured, becomes the only light which illuminates the object. If I see this white-there in the middle of a world in color, then the porcelain shows a transparency which strengthens the fragility. And it’s done!

There it is! The object is mine. It is as if I was prepared to write on the first white page of a workbook to tell the story that I started by setting the object of the gaze, then tilting it in my hands up for the first time  …


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And the process begins!

My work as an artist/Artisan is to harmonize the reflections’s colors of the enamel that I projected on the  internal and external forms of the object. I work with a mind in turmoil, filled with many questions: What will be the surprise of the rendering of my colors once they will be baked? As much to say that the drawing of my decorations switches to the second plan; it will remain naive and particularly geometric.

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